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Influencer Application

Become an NightWatch® Influencer

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us! Our customers are our biggest evangelists so we're always on the look-out to collaborate with creators, social influencers, gamers, artists, musicians, and athletes who produce great content and inspire others. Whether you have 500 or 50K followers, we are actively looking to build meaningful relationships with influencers who love coffee as much as we do!

Brief Requirements:

  • You love coffee!
  • Follow NightWatch Coffee on all your active social media accounts.
  • For every monthly product, create a minimum of 1 permanent social media post plus 3 temporary social media posts (i.e. Instagram Stories) that demonstrate the look, feel, smell, & effectiveness of the product.
  • For each post, tag NIGHTWATCH COFFEE Social Media Account(s) plus relevant hashtags we will provide & Personal Discount Code.

How to Get Started?

After reading over this information, fill out the Influencer Application (below). Every properly submitted application will get reviewed within 2 business days and replied to! If we like the fit then we will take the next step and send you a simple agreement to sign followed by your products samples.