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Our Story


Thank you for purchasing our NightWatch Coffee. Nightwatch is a shift I took too many times to count as a crewmember and then as a Captain on sportfishing boats out of San Diego, California. I’d either stay up all night driving the boat, or the crew would break up the watches—many times I’d get a few hours sleep, only to get shaken up for my 1 A.M. night watch.

Coffee was our mainstay. Dark, strong, thick, pungent coffee; taste was secondary; side affects that would keep you awake, alertness provided by that elixir in our mugs brewed on board, was the priority. 

 Little did I know that 20 years later in 1994 I would open the Nautical Bean Coffee Company in Oceanside, California; and immerse myself into the wonderful world of coffee. I concluded that the vast majority of my customers drank coffee to wake up—or stay awake!—so I worked on creating a special coffee blend for my customers that might need that extra boost; an extra wake up call of sorts, a full bodied coffee roasted for maximum caffeine performance and taste.

 After a year of blending and countless roasts and taste tests, the coffee we sought was created in 1995, in the Daymar Corporation's special Cupping Room, with my good friend, owner, and Master Roaster, Roy Gallegos.

Roy asked what will you call this special blend? I thought for moment back to my fishing days, when the captains would point at their four-pot coffee brewer and adamantly quote: “Three pots for passengers, the top right one, that’s reserved for the nightwatch crew,”

 NightWatch Coffee has been our #1 seller at the Nautical Bean Coffee Company since 1995. We are proud to now offer it online. 


We hope that you enjoy our NightWatch Coffee and share it with your crewmembers.

 Until then good luck and good coffee,