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NightWatch® Original Ground Coffee - 12 Oz. Bag

Over 20 years ago Captain John Alvarez created NightWatch® Original Roasted Maximum Caffeine Performance™ Coffee. As a fishing captain he spent many early mornings on the water and sought out the best tasting coffee that would also give him a sustainable caffeine boost without the comedown. When he couldn't find one he created it himself.

Unlike most highly caffeinated coffee brands, NightWatch® coffee doesn't add caffeine extract after roasting. Instead we use a combination of robusta and arabica beans that are roasted and ground to extract maximum "natural" caffeine effect while ensuring a smooth and delicious tasting cup.

  • Roast: Medium
  • Grind: Drip
  • Flavor: None
  • Caffeine: High 

Getting Humans Wired Since 1995.

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